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We have puppies!!!
Evita gave us 7 beautiful, healthy puppies on April 5th!
We have 4 females and 3 males. 
Both mommy and puppies are doing well!
For more info check our puppy page!!!
Pregnancy confirmed!!! 
We are proud to tell you we expect Aussie puppies from 2 combinations!!!
More info at our puppy page... 
January 7th 2017 - LKV National Dogshow (BE)

We have a new champion!!! 
Our Evita did it again! She won Open Class bitches, CAC, Best Female, Best Opposite Sex!
With this last point she is now new Belgian Champion! 
Also very happy to tell you that Lucky van 't Berleveld, from our first Sunny x Danny litter won a strong Open Class males!
Special thanks to our judge for today, breed specialist, Mr. Marko Ljutic from Croatia!
What a way to start 2017!
Photoshoot puppies
Finally found the time to make some new pictures of our homebred youngsters! 
Here they are: Pipa & Charmy
Pretty as a Princess van 't Berleveld & Prince Charming van 't Berleveld
Pictures of both puppies individually you find on their own page.
1st & 2nd of October 2016 - IDS and NDS Villepinte (FR)
What a top weekend we had! 
We travelled to 'la douce France' together with a great company! 
On top of it all we had great results!
Evita won her first french CAC and Best Female, BOS! 
Later on she won BEST IN SHOW OPPOSITE SEX over more then 100 dogs all breeds!!!!
Thanks to our female judge in the breed: Mr. Delente and BIS BOS judge Mr. Barenne!
26th of August 2016 - European Dogshow 2016
What a day we had! 
First European championship show in our country... 
Evita won a big Open Class and went all the way to Vice European Champion!!! 
She took R.CAC and R.CACIB! 
Special thanks to our judge for Aussie females, Mr. Tomas Jakkel for your nice words about my girl!
15th of May 2016 - Wieze Dogshow (BE)
Very proud of our girl Evita who won another CAC and BOB this weekend! 
She also got selected in final 6 in main ring! 

Big thank you to Elina Haapanimie for another great judgement! 

27th of December 2015 - Christmas Show Tienen (BE)

Last show of the year in great company and superbe results!!! 

Apple Grumpy Cat Meadowville aka Princess Evita did it again!!! 
She won Best of Breed and Group 3th!!! 

Thanks to our honorable judge Mr. Norman Deschuymere for thinking so high of my girl! 

Thanks to all friends for the support and the nice day!
Great show to end 2015!
20th of December 2015 - Brussels Dogshow (BE)
Happy to tell you that: 
Faatin Coconut Idol Fallcat is now Benelux Junior Winster 2015 and Crufts Qualified for 2016!

Thank you Patrick for showing her as I was unable to do it due to my surgery. 

15th of November 2015 - IDS Eurodogshow Kortrijk (BE)

Can't imagine a better show weekend!!! 
We had a super day in Aussies!! 

-Apple Grumpy Cat Meadowville-
Princess Evita won BEST BITCH with full CAC and CACIB from intermediate class!!! 
So proud of my girl winning BOS at the Eurodogshow at the age of only 17 months!!! 

Our guest Giorgio did great by winning BIS Baby 2! 

Multichampion Hakuna did it again by winning BIS Veteran! 
Thank you from the heart to all judges for the super results! 
Thank you to all people who came to support us! Means a lot! 

3th of October 2015 - IDS Charleroi (BE):
What a super day for our team... 
On the left: Faatin Coconut Idol Fallcat aka Koko, she won Junior BOB and on top of it all, Junior BIS!!!

On the right: Princess Evita won Best Bitch, CAC CACIB and Best of Breed!
On top of it all, she won Group 3th at the age of 16 months!!!

Thank you my friend Patrick Daponte for your help today, couldn't have done this without you!


Thanks to our judges for today, Mr. Pinto Texeira for the breed, Mr. Massimo Inzoli for Junior BIS and Mr. De Gids Jan for BIG!
12th of September 2015 - IDS Libramont (BE):
We had a star today! 
Faatin Coconut Idol Fallcat aka KOKO won Puppy bitches, BOB Puppy and Res. BIS Puppy!!!!

Evita only won Junior Bitches this time but performed great!

Thank you to our judge Mrs. Karen Angier for the breed and Mr. Bruce Schwartz from USA for BIS Puppy!!
29th of August 2015 - IDS Luxembourg (LUX):

Super day today!!! 
Evita won Junior Bitches, Luxembourg Junior Champion, Crufts Qualified 2016 and 1st point for Benelux Jr Champion!!! 
In Junior BIS she got selected with final 10!!!

Fjurdy, our sheltie boy did great by winning BOB Veteran!
Luxembourg Veteran Champion for the 2nd time and 1st point for Benelux Veteran Champion!

Koko was 2nd in Puppies

Lucky Van't Berleveld wasn't selected but looked awesome!!
Handled by Christa Geraerts.

Thank you Mrs. Ruth Wagner for Aussie breed!
Thank you Mr. Belkin for Junior BIS!
Thank you Mrs. Clark for Sheltie breed!
Thank you all for the support!

23th of August 2015 - IDS Mechelen (BE):
What a day! 
Evita won Junior Bitches and BOB Junior, she is now Belgian Junior Champion and on top of it all she won BIS Junior #3!!! 

Lucky was 2nd in Open class, handled by Christa Geraerts! 

Thank you judge Mrs. Katja Jasica for the breed and Mr. Timmens for BIS Junior! 
1st of August 2015 - Clubhappening HKV:

Faatin Coconut Idol Fallcat aka Koko did great by winning BOB Puppy and went all the way to BIS Puppy!! 
Lucky Van't Berleveld went all the way to BOB, BEST IN GROUP and 3th BEST IN SHOW!! 
Last but not least I attended my last Showhandling competition and went BEST IN SHOW SHOWHANDLER!

Thank you to our judges Mrs. Anja Gregoire and Jos De Cuyper!

18th of July 2015 - IDS Luik (BE)

Our sheltie boy did great today!!! 
Fjurdy won Veterans and is now Belgian Veteran Champion!

Our Evita was 3th today in Juniors... Without coat judge said..
Koko was 2nd today in Puppies.. 
Can't wait for the next one...
27th-28th of June 2015 - IDS Genk (BE)

Great weekend for us at the HKV Dogshow!

Lucky Van't Berleveld was 2nd in Open Class. 
Koko was BOB Puppy! 

Last but not least, our girl Evita was our star!
She won Junior Bitches, 2nd point for Jr Championship, BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR ALL BREEDS!!! 

Thank you so much to our breed jugde Mr. Cochetti Francesco from Italy and Mr. Erwin Deutscher for BIS Junior!
Super weekend for us!
7th of June 2015 - NDS Lommel (BE)

We can't always win... 
Evita was 2nd in Juniors today, being 12 months old. 

16th-17th of May 2015 - IDS Wieze (BE) 

Lovely day again at Wieze dogshow! 
My young girl Evita 'Apple Grumpy Cat Meadowville' gained her first point towards her Champion title by winning Junior Bitches!
She can call herself now 'Hop Princess'
On top of it all, she won BEST BITCH!!! 

Special thanks to our judge Mrs. Ingrid Hectors from Belgium!
18th-19th of April 2015 - IDS Antwerp (BE)

We had a lovely weekend with some great friends around us!
We can't always win, but even though the results I'm very proud of our dogs!

In Shelties, our Fjurdy won another BOB Veteran!!

In Aussies, our gorgeous girl Evita only took 3th place in Juniors, but she showed like a pro!!!
In Westies, Nomi who won BOB Baby!
Nomi is owned by An Van Noten.
Chablis won 3th in Junior Bitches - while being the youngest one in the ring!
Chablis is owned by Ria Knaepen.
In Welsh Terriers, Aira Van't Terrier Hofke took reserve in Champion Class!
Aira is owned by Hahnrats Jan - Enny.
In Leonbergers, Nino From Yellows Garden won 3th in Baby Class!
Nino is owned by Roobrouck Bart - Carine.
 I'm very looking forward to the next show, see you all there!
28th-29th of March 2015 - IDS Luxembourg (LUX)
We had a great weekend celebrating my birthday with some great friends!!! 
Our 'old' boy Fjurdy, went all the way to BOB Veteran - NEW LUXEMBOURG VETERAN CHAMPION 
and ended up BEST IN SHOW VETERAN!!!! 
Our Aussies mades us proud too!
'Apple Grumpy Cat Meadowville' aka Evita did an outstanding job by ending 2nd in a huge Junior class (10 bitches entered!!!)
My dearest Sunny was entered in Champion Class and became 2nd!
Second day:
Multich. Hakuna C. Bora Z. Miloticek did it again! 
Winning another BOB and group selected at the age of almost 8 years old!! 
Irish Wolfhound 'Medwyn of Beltine' won Intermediate Class and gained his first point towards his Luxembourg Championship!
Van't Berleveld Kennels wish you all Happy Holidays!
20th of December 2014 - Christmas Show Tienen (BE)
Great last show of the year we've had!!! 
Lovely company, great results and lots of fun!! 
First of all, we started the veteran show carrier of one of our gorgeous Shelties, Fjurdy!
He did an outstanding job winning Best Veteran in breed, Best of Breed, BIS Veteran #3 and selected in final 6 of group 1!!! 
In Aussies, my girl did it again!!!
-Apple Grumpy Cat at Meadowville- aka Evita won BOB Puppy and BEST IN SHOW PUPPY!!! 
Special thanks to our honorable judges for this great event!
See you all back in a new show season in 2015!!!
6th and 7th of December  - Brussels Dogshow (BE)
One of our last shows of the year came to an end...
In Aussies we won Res. CAC and Res. CACIB from Open Class
- Lucky Van 't Berleveld - 
My girl Evita won Puppy Bitches!
- Apple Grumpy Cat Meadowville - 
Last but not least, the one and only Leonberger Hakuna sure did great!!! 
Hakuna C. Bora Z. Miloticek won Best of Breed, Best in Group and Best in Show #7!!! 
Special thanks to our honorable judges for today! Especially Leonberger judge, and Group and BIS judge for your high opinion of Hakuna! another great achievement for Hakuna, who is turning 8 years old!!! 
15th and 16th of November 2014 - Eurodog Kortrijk (BE)

What a dream weekend we had... 
I can't be more happy with our results!

In Airedales we took Reserve Male! "Magic Melvin of Aire Dreams"
judge: Mr. Deschuymere N.

In Chow Chows we took BOB Puppy! "Boh Vargoh's Nannan"
Judge: Mrs. Viva Maria Spunar

In Leonbergers we took Best of Breed again!
Later on, he took Group 3th!
Judges: Mr. Pecoult in breed and Mrs. Lawless in Group!

In Aussies we entered 2 of our dogs!
"Lucky Van't Berleveld" (own breeding) took res.CAC and res.CACIB!

And my baby girl "Apple Grumpy Cat Meadowville" aka Evita took BOB Baby!

Later on she won Reserve Best in Show Baby of the Day!!!! 

judges: Mrs. Haapaniemi from Finland in breed and Mr. Grenville in honor ring.
This was a great weekend for our team!! 
See you all in Brussels!
2nd of November 2014 - Irish Wolfhound Specialty Belgium
Lovely day at the special in great company!

"Medwyn of Beltine" took 2nd in Juniors!
Thanks to today's judge!
Medwyn is owned by Rita Cartois.

24th, 25th, 26th of October 2014 - European Dogshow Brno (CZ)

We had a great weekend, thanks to Patrick Daponte and Tony to let me join you to Czech Republic!

First of all, I've shown Patrick's beautiful Basenji 'I Will Survive Out Of Afrika' aka Gloria!
She got Excellent in huge Champion Class Bitches!
Highlight of the weekend was our result in Aussies!

''Collinswood Million Meadows of Oz" aka Ginger's results of the weekend:
National Dogshow: Best Junior Bitch
Aussie Specialty: Best in Show Red-Merle

"Bayshore Stoneheaven Cat's Hat Trick" aka Mailo's results:
National Dogshow: Best Champion Male, Best Male, Best of Breed!
Aussie Specialty: Best In Show Tricolor!

Thanks to all honorable judges to recognize the beauty of the dogs! 
Both Aussies owned by Martin Starec and Radka Starcova

12th of October 2014 - Int dogshow Charleroi (BE)

Only 1 dog to show, Irish Wolfhound, Medwyn of Beltine.
He took BOS at only 16 months!
Special thanks to well respected judge Mrs. Degryze (BE)
24th of September - Int. Dogshow Denmark (DK)
This weekend I've joined my best friend Kathleen Roosens to Copenhagen Winner Show 2014!
I couldn't wish for better results...
My baby, Apple Grumpy Cat Meadowville aka Evita, took BOB Baby!

My gorgeous girl, Adnana de Carpathia aka Sunny, did amazing!
She took Best Bitch, Best of Breed, Copenhagen Winner 2014, New Danish Champion and International Champion!!!
Special thanks to well respected jugde Mr. Cochetti!
30-31th of August 2014 - Luxembourg Int. Dogshow (LUX)

In Aussies, our Sunny, Adnana de Carpathia took 1st in Open Bitches with full CACL!

My baby, Apple Grumpy Cat Meadowville took 2nd in huge Baby Class bitches!


In Irish Woulfhound we took BOB Junior, Luxembourg Jr Champion and Benelux Jr Winner!

In Welsh Terriers, we took Best Bitch, Benelux Winster and BOB! 

In Leonbergers, we took Best Male, Benelux Winner, BOB and... Group 2nd!!

23-24th Of August 2014 - Int. Outdoor Dogshow Mechelen (BE)

We have had a great weekend with some special achievements!
Weather gods have been very kind for us this weekend! 
Proud to show you our results:
Australian Shepherd: Adnana de Carpathia 'SUNNY'
Best Bitch CAC-CACIB
Best of Breed
Group 2nd! 

Special thanks to breed judge Mrs. G Wagner and group judge Mrs. De Ridder - Ongena Lilianne!

Irish Wolfhound: Keaghan of Beltine 'KEAGHAN'
Best of Breed
Selected in final 6!

Special thanks to judge Mr. De Cuyper J.
Airedale Terrier: Ostara Von Garhnsee 'TARA'
Best Bitch CAC-CACIB
Best of Breed!

Special thanks to our judge Mr. De Cuyper J!
Very happy with those results!
Can't wait for next weekend, big International Dogshow Luxembourg!
Keep your fingers crossed! 
Very special news!!!
We would like to introduce you: Apple Grumpy Cat Meadowville aka 'EVITA'.
This little girl is our new star and I'm very proud to present her to you all!
You can follow her, like our other dogs, on her personal page in 'Our Dogs'
28th-29th of June - LKV CACIB Genk (BE)
We have had a very relaxed weekend!

In Airedale Terriers, I've handled 'Manne Roses van't Asbroek' all the way to BOS and BOBJunior!
In Welsh Terriers, I've handled 'Aira Van't Terrier Hofke', who won BOS!
In Papillion, I got the honor to handle 'Daydream Believers Lion King' who showed absolutely great but unfortunately was 3th in class.

Looking forward to the next one!
26th of January - Int. Dogshow Mouscron (BE)
We had a good day in good company!
Our results were not that good, but I'm very proud of our dogs!

In Siberian Husky, I showed Chinanook's Marcolini, owned by Gwennaƫle Guillaume.
He was 2nd in Juniors!

In Boston Terriers, I showed my little friend, MultiCh. Bertta who is owned by Christine Sonberg.
She took the reserve.
In Australian Shepherds, I showed one of our L-litter puppies, Lucky van't Berleveld.
He took 2nd in Juniors!
 Thanks friends for the great day :-)
Up to the next!
16th and 17th of November - Int. Dogshow Kortrijk (BE)
We have had a super weekend! 
First of all, I want to thank all friends for the great support! 

Our results of Saturday:

In Australian Shepherds, our Sunny did great by winning Open Class bitches! 
Daughter Leelou van 't Berleveld won Junior Bitches!
In Shelties, Miss Kiki took CAC-CACIB and Best of Breed! 
She is now also Belgian Champion!!! 
Multich. Hakuna C. Bora Z. Miloticek rocked the ring again by winning CAC-CACIB and BOB! 
Pointer 'HiPoint Seductive Liaison' won CAC-CACIB! 
Our results of Sunday:
In Aussies, Sunny won Open Class Bitches again! 
Daughter Leelou won Junior Bitches again and is now Belgian Jr. Champion!!! 
In Shelties, Miss Kiki took it all again! CAC-CACIB and BOB! 

Multich. Hakuna C. Bora Z. Miooticek won CAC-CACIB and BOB, again! 
Special thanks to ALL honourable judges for every single award of this weekend!
Big hug to everyone for the support! 
Thanks to Bart, Thierry and Jos for the pictures!

As it was a hard weekend for me, being the first show without my boy, these results and happy faces of my friends made me smile a little! Thank you everyone for the support in this dark period, means a lot! 
10th of November - Starters HTM
Here I am again... Happy breeder...

Today Hans and Billy did their first show in competition.
I'm very proud to tell you they did great by winning 2nd place with 8.81/10!

Well done Hans and big boy Billy! Keep going! 
WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Starters HTM Billy 1st show
26th of October 2013 - HTM Initiation Routine
I feel like a happy breeder! 
Today I got the greatest news of one of our L-litter puppies, owner Hans Crets!
L'Billyboy van 't Berleveld aka Billy did great on his HTM Routine! 
They are now ready for the real healwork competition! 
7th of October 2013 - Nat. Dogshow Charleroi (BE)
Considering I had an emotional tough day, I'm very proud to show you our results of today!
I took my girl Sunny back in the ring and she did amazing by winning Best Bitch, CAC!

Leelou van 't Berleveld did great by winning BOS Junior! 

Lucky van 't Berleveld also did great by winning BOB Junior!
In Leonbergers we did a great job by winning BOS with Jommeke, BOB with Jelka and 3th BIG!
Special thanks to everyone for the support! 
Thanks to our honourable judges of today and special to Mrs. Hectors for reconizing the true beauty in our Aussies!
21th of September 2013 - Int Dogshow Brussel (BE)
Today Leonberger 'Jommeke From Yellow's Garden' took 3th in Open Class..

In Weimaraners, Storm won 'Brussels Winner' and Puppy Bentley was BOS Puppy! 

And last but not least, I won BIS Juniorhandling! 

In Chow Chows we can be proud...
Hollywood's Star Angelina Jolie did great by winning BOBJunior and is now CRUFTS QUALIFIED!!!! 
In Aussies 'Applause to Mangry's Elvikam' did an outstanding job, being the first time out in Belgium and she won Brussels Winner, R. CACIB !!! Special thanks to my friends Kathleen Roosens and Marko Lutjic (Mangry's Kennel) for your trust!

In Shelties, Miss Kiki did an outstanding job but finished 3th this time... 

Thanks to the judges of this weekend for reconizing the true beauty in our show team dogs! 
See you all next week at CACIB Maastricht! 
7th of September 2013 - Int. Dogshow Luxembourg (LUX)
Happy about today's results in Luxembourg! 
We have had a great day in good company!!! 

In Aussies, my boy 'Lord Travis van 't Berleveld' did great by becoming 2nd in a HUGE Junior Class! 
Even out of coat the judges reconize his true beauty! 
In Shelties, Miss Kiki, 'Evad Space Aurora' is now Luxembourg Champion by winning CAC, Res. CACIB!! !

Special thanks to our honourable judges of today and friends for the great company!! 
17th and 18th of August 2013 - Int. Dogshow Mechelen (BE)
So happy and proud to tell you Mister Travis did it again.....
He won BOB junior and... BEST OF BREED !!! 
Later on he got selected in group 1, and became 3th BIS Junior !!! 
Thanks to honourable judges of today!! 
I'm happy with my boy, 10 months old and already won 2 BOB's! 
4th of August 2013 - Int. Dogshow Leuven (BE)

Can't be more happy about today's results! 
Let's start ... 

In Aussies, my Big Boy 'Lord Travis van 't Berleveld' did an outstanding job...
He won BOB Junior and... BEST OF BREED !!!! 
He ended this day by winning Junior BEST IN SHOW !!! 
In Working Dogs, Weimaraner 'Storm' owned by Flanders Joy Weimaraners won BEST IN SHOW !!!!
That day I also won BIS Showhandling with the great Border Collie 'Kay'!!! 
I want to thanks all judges for these superbe results!!!! 
27th of July 2013 - HKV Clubhappening (BE)
Very happy to share our wonderfull results of our annual clubhappening HKV 2013!
We have had a great day with all friends together, thanks again for the great company!

In Australian Shepherds: I took my girl Sunny with me and even without coat she looked amazing and won BOS!

My big boy Travis did an outstanding job by winning BOBJunior and Best of Breed! 
In the main ring he won BISJunior and Res. Best in Group!!! 
I can't be more proud of him...

Leviosa won BOSJunior and Lucky was 2nd in Junior males! 

Later on we took group photo of the Aussie gang! 
From left to right: Mommy Sunny - Lord Travis - Lars - Lucky - Leelou & Leviosa !


In Shelties, Miss Kiki took the breed and was 3th BIS ! 
Special thanks to Martine for expert handling in the group :-)

In Chowchows, Hollywood's Star Angelina Jolie won BOBJunior, Best of Breed and Res. Best in Group! 

In Airedale Terriers, little Tara won BOBBaby!
Of Riverthale Kyo won BOS! 
Of Riverthale Gust won BOB, BIG and 3th BIS!!! 
Kyo and Gust also won BIS Couple!!! 

Papillion Leevay won BOBPuppy! 
In Showhandling competition, judged by Mr. Van Hummelen and Mr. Wulteputte, I won Best Showhandler in Show!!! 

And in the end... I got a very nice reward of being 'Best Belgian Showhandler 2012! Special thanks to the HKV team! 

Very very very vey happy about these results! 
Big thank you to our honourable judges and everyone for the great support and amazing day we had together!

See you all back next year ;-)
20th & 21th of July 2013 - Golden Dog Trophy Liege, Luik (BE)
We have had a super hot, but great weekend!
Proudly I'm going to share our results!:
In Juniorhandling Competition I won BIS Juniorhandler and needed to compete against my dear friend Kathleen Roosens who won BIS Seniorhandler, in the end I won BIS Showhandler! 

On Sunday I needed to come back to compete against the winner of that that and unbelievable I won Supreme BIS Showhandler, winner Golden Lead 2013!!! Special thanks to Christine Sonberg for her great Boston Terrier, and big thanks to honourable judges, Mr. Pinto Taxeira, Ms. Paula Van de Sande, Mr. Dirk Spruyt and Ms. Myriam Vermeire!
Siberian Husky, EJW'11 WJW'11 Chinanook's Jack won BOS, BOB and Best In Group !
Special thanks to our honourable breed and group judges ! 

Thank you all for the lovely weekend!
6th of July 2013 - Outdoor CACIB Echt (NL)

We had a very hot but great day in the Netherlands! 
Thanks friend for the great companie! 

To begin, Multich. Hakuna C. Bora Z. Miloticek was 2nd in Champion Class.
Siberian Husky 'Multi Ch. EJW'11 WJW'11 Chinanook's Jack is now NL. Champion! 

Last but not least, Chinanook's Jack and Chinanook's JoYepa won Best In Show Couple! 
Special thanks to our honourable judge ms. C Van Dooren-Vonk!
29th and 30th of June 2013 - CACIB Genk LKV (BE)
We had a lovely weekend with a great companie! 
Miss Kiki, Evad Space Aurora was second in Open Class.

Lord Travis also took second place in a big Junior Class.

Papillion Leevay, Borgo's Sommernachstraum Emil won BOB Puppy! 
Airedale Terrier, Of Riverthale Kyo won CAC, CACIB !
Leonberger, Jommeke from Yellow's Garden, son of Multich. Hakuna won the Breed! 
Later he took group 4th! 

Last but not least, I won Best Junior- and Showhandler in Show with the great American Cocker Spaniel owned by Mr. Alex Boelens! 

Special thanks to our honourable judges of today! 
11th and 12th of May 2013 - Monte Carlo CACIB Monaco (MC)
What a weekend... I still can't believe it... 

My girl Sunny 'Adnana de Carpathia' first time out after her litter winning Best Bitch, CACM-CAC-CACIB and Best Of Breed!
Later on, she ended in top 3 of group 1 !!! (21 aussies entered)


My boy 'Lord Travis van 't Berleveld' won Best of Breed Puppy and.. unbelievable... BEST PUPPY IN SHOW !!! 
Miss Kiki 'Evad Space Aurora' won Best Bitch, CACM-CAC-CACIB and Best Of Breed!! 
Later on, Kiki got selected in final 6!!! special thanks to my friend Alice Varchi for perfect handling in group !

Last but not least, I finished as Runner Up Best Juniorhandler in Show ! 

Thanks to our well respected judges of today! 
We couldn't be more happy with these results!
13th and 14th of April 2013 - Brabo Antwerp CACIB (BE)
Our results of this weekend are great! 
Miss Kiki 'Evad Space Aurora' won res. Best Bitch! 

My boy 'Lord Travis van 't Berleveld' won Best Puppy in breed and Reserve Best Puppie in Show !!!
Our new star (Papillion) Leevay 'Borgo's Sommernachstraum Emil' won Best Of Breed Baby and 4th Best Baby in Show!
A big thank you to our judges of this weekend !
31th of March 2013 - Luxembourg Dogshow (LUX)
My boy 'Lord Travis van 't Berleveld' took 3th best puppy (strong competition of 8)!
Our Sheltie, Miss Kiki 'Evad Space Aurora' won her class, CACL! 
So happy the judge saw her real beauty allthough she is totally out of coat! 
We had a great weekend full of fun with our friends! Looking forward to the next ! 
12 & 13th of January 2013 - HKV Ambiorixtrofee Genk (BE)
First of all, I wish you all the best for the new year! Some great results and achievements in show, but most of all a great health!
We have some great results of Belgium's first show of the year! 
Our Shetland Sheepdog Evad Space Aurora aka Kiki took Best Bitch, Best Of Breed and Best In Group #3 ! 
My Australian Shepherd babies did such a great job ! 
- La Bamba took best baby bitch! 

- Leviosa took reserve best baby bitch! 
- My boy Lord Travis took Best Baby Male, Best Of Breed Baby and ... BEST BABY IN SHOW !!!! 
I'm so proud of our babies doing so well ! Especially my boy Travis doing such a great job in the ring of honour! 
Only 3 months old and he was showing like he never did anything else! I love him !
I also showed Airedale Terrier 'It Van't Asbroek, owned by Van't Asbroek kennels by Francois Graulus! 
It took Best Bitch, Best of Breed, Best in Group and... RESERVE BEST IN SHOW ! 
Sunday I showed the American Akita's owned by Beaufleet Kennel by Tine Verreck!
Orients Pride's Noir Intense at Beaufleet aka Ziva took Res. CAC!
Kumakura's Red Alert at Beaufleet aka Bobalu took Best Male, CAC ! 

Multichampion Hakuna C. Bora Z. Miloticek took Best Male, Best of Breed and Best in Group #3 !
Both days I competed in Showhandlng!
Special thanks to Sabrina Hoks and Carine Roobrouck for your handling dogs!
I want to thank all judges who gave us those great results this weekend! 
Also big thank you to everyone for your support !
And thanks Isabel for the pictures !